“Stop Losing YOUR HARD EARNED CASH on Taxes - Decrease YOUR Tax Bill Every Year”

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Many of our satisfied clients are annually saving  between R1,000 and R100,000 on their tax bill. 

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As from the beginning of April 2014, our office is situated in Riversdal, Western Cape.

Dear Friend

You are probably paying too much income tax without knowing it!

With my extensive experience of more than 15 years as a Tax Practitioner and two years as a Tax Auditor at SARS, I have the experience, knowledge and know-how as to how I can help you to save on your tax bill. I am a TAX SPECIALIST, with more than 15 Years of Experience and obtained an Honours B.Compt degree in Taxation in 1990. I am registered with The Southern African Institute for Business Accountants as an Accounting Officer, with SARS as a Tax Practitioner i.t.o. Section 67A of the Income Tax Act, 1962 and with The South African Institute of Tax Practitioners as a Master Tax Practitioner. 

Between  July 2006 and June 2012, I have served as a director on the Board of Directors of the Southern African Institute for Business Accountants.

After I left SARS, many of the people, where I had done a tax audit, approached me for assistance with their taxes. Back then, I decided to start helping people with their taxes and tax related problems, just for the love of it. As time went on, it became a full-time business. 

Because I am a taxpayer myself, I know how I hate it to pay taxes, even more so if I am paying too much. That is the reason why I've extended my business to the Internet.

  • You can increase your monthly pay cheque by restructuring your pay package legally, by using all the HIDDEN & SECRET METHODS allowed by SARS.

  • You don't have to fear your tax return anymore. 

  • You can start saving on your annual tax bill. 

  • We are on average 99% accurate with our calculation of your tax bill.

  • You don't have to fear SARS anymore.

With the complexity of the South African Tax Laws, everybody has a big FEAR of SARS and the time of the year when the tax returns are due. 

By putting me on your side, you'll have the benefit of saving thousands of Rands in taxes. I have a lot of clients who can confirm this.


Even though I've been in business for over 15 years, I want you to feel absolutely certain there's no way you can "get taken". After all, I am a respected consultant and Business Accountant and my reputation is on the line.


Make a Booking NOW to be Guaranteed of an Appointment later! 

Also read our answers to : Questions to ask when choosing a Tax Practitioner and compare it with the answers from your current Tax Practitioner.

You can call me at any time between 08:00am and 17:00pm on my office line (028) 713 1068 to make an appointment. 


Herman Rall

P.S. Remember, we do not charge any fees for the first meeting. This is always an introductory meeting where we get to know each other, exchange credentials and decide on how we go forward from there.

If you want to ask us anything about our services, you are welcome to send us an automated enquiry

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