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We offer from the Man on the Street who earns a salary to the Sole Proprietor, the Professional Tax Services listed below on a Remote Consulting Basis

What does Remote Consulting Basis mean?

  • You can stay anywhere in South Africa and pay taxes in South Africa.
  • You do not need to come and see us.
  • You send us your  Income Tax return, all necessary documentation, your contact information including a day-time telephone number and/or e-mail address and the fee as listed under Fees, except for Business Operations, where we'll invoice you after completion of the work. 
  • Send the parcel by using either Registered Mail or Counter to Counter mail from your Post Office Counter to our Postal address listed under Contact Information. E-mail or Fax  us the Parcel Tracking number and the delivery date, to enable us to collect the parcel from the Post Office.
  • We shall complete your income tax return from the information you furnish. If we need further information we'll contact you on your day-time telephone number or e-mail if supplied.
  • If there are additional costs involved we shall advise you accordingly
  • Upon completion of your Tax return, we shall return to you your Tax Return and all the relevant documentation you have sent us, together with 3 copies of your tax calculation.
  • We submit your Tax Return via SARS efiling. If requested by SARS copies of the necessary will be submitted to SARS via efiling.

Services Offered

  • Structuring of most Tax efficient Salary Package
  • Annual Tax Returns and Reconciliation of returns
  • Calculation, Completion and Submission of Provisional and Annual Income Tax Returns
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Estate structuring by using various instruments to reduce Estate Tax
  • Formation of Trusts
  • Accounting Services

Our Fees are payable upon our invoice and your return will be submitted once your payment cleared through our bank account. (Valid  from 01/05/2014)

If your income consist of one of the following:

  • Salary, Interest and Pension                                         : R500.00 fixed
  • Salary, Interest, Travel Allowance                              : R900.00 fixed
  • Directors Remuneration IRP5 already issued           : R500.00 fixed
  • Business Operations :
    • Please call us for a quote






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